IT, printing and media support

For IT and media support call the ITMS Service Desk on 0116 250 6050 or email

Students at DMU have access to a wide range of IT services and facilities including:

  • Leading edge IT facilities for all our students. We have over 3,000 desktop computers on campus and support over 400 teaching classrooms and labs.
  • 700 central PCs and Macs in the Kimberlin Library 24/7 365 days a year and other open access areas with dedicated labs for Mac and Linux platforms.
  • Vast range of software for their studies including specialist applications for their subject area including CAD, business applications, and industry level software.
  • Borrowing a laptop for use in the University library through self-service laptop loan service.
  • FREE access to Microsoft Office 365.  This will include your student email, online Microsoft Office applications as well as applications such as OneNote, Sway and Microsoft Imagine.
  • 1 TB of storage on OneDrive to store all personal and University documents.
  • Cost effective printing services – De Montfort University has one of the cheapest print services in Higher Education sector which can be accessed across the campus.
  • Free campus wide Wi-Fi service – Eduroam – providing high speed and consistent connectivity and only requires your student login details to activate.
  • DMU’s virtual learning environment Learningzone allowing students to access their learning materials and submit course work online.
  • Access to additional software and hardware to support students with disabilities.
  • MyDMU student portal and mobile app provides personalised access to timetabling, Library services, Learningzone, and a wide range of additional functionality.


MyDMU is where you can find all your personal DMU information from timetables and financial information to course details and results.

MyDMU also links through to the Learningzone virtual learning environment. We give you a personal DMU Gmail account.

WiFi access

You can get onto the internet anywhere on the DMU campus, all you need to do is scan wireless networks with your phone or laptop and select Eduroam, then just log in with your username and password. Your username for eduroam is your Eduroam is a global wifi network, and allows you to log in at universities, colleges and hospitals worldwide.


Printing is simple at DMU, just use your student card at any machine and you can print from and to any student printer at the university.

We have a fleet of 90 identical multi function devices available across the campus to allow you to:

  • Print double sided, using less paper
  • Print to any student printer across campus
  • Scan documents directly to your email account

IT induction and training

To access the DMU Student IT induction, please visit the relevant pages on the DMU Library website.

This induction covers a range of IT topics including how to access My DMU, your student email, and the Learningzone virtual learning environment.
On these pages, you will also find information about how to download your free copy of Microsoft Office 365 and how to access the free online training courses available through the Microsoft Imagine Academy.

Student IT handbook