Important information about your attendance

If you are absent for more than 7 days please email so that your absence can be recorded. For absences less than 7 days please liaise with your module leaders so you can discuss catching up with any work you have missed. 

At DMU we want to make sure every student reaches their goals and has a great university
experience.  To support your learning and to provide you with the academic guidance to help
you succeed, you are expected to attend all activities in your timetable.

You are therefore required to register your attendance at all timetabled activities within 15
minutes of the scheduled start time of the session.

There are two ways to register your
1. In campus rooms fitted with card readers, please swipe your student ID card against the card
reader as you enter the room.
2. Where a room does not have a card reader fitted or where you are attending a live online
timetabled activity, please enter the unique 7-digit code into the new ‘Submit Attendance’ tile on
myDMU or scan the QR code provided by your tutor. At the start of your class, your tutor will
provide you with the 7-digit code or the QR code.

Registering your attendance is very quick and easy to do. It is important that this information
is recorded accurately as this will be used to ensure you are adhering to our Attendance
Monitoring Policy.

Please note that you will be recorded as absent if your attendance is not registered during
the first 15 minutes of your timetabled activities.

If you experience difficulty in attending
timetabled activities for any reason, then please discuss this with your Personal Tutor or Module
Leader so that we can help you.

Do not ask someone else to swipe in on your behalf or share the 7-digit code. You are
responsible for registering your own attendance.

Poor attendance may result in low marks or even module failure, as attendance and
performance in assessments are closely linked. Irregular attendance is officially recorded and
your attendance will be monitored regularly. If you miss timetabled activities, your Faculty
will contact you using your university email address. We endeavour to help you do your best
during your time at DMU, so please do keep in touch and let us know if there are personal
circumstances which may have an impact on your attendance.

Monitoring your attendance allows us to identify and support students who are experiencing
difficulties. You will be expected to respond promptly to any correspondence sent by the
Faculty. Failure to do so could ultimately result in dismissal from the university and/or the
withdrawal of your visa (if you are an international student). Further details are included
within Chapter One of our General Regulations.

You, our students, are at the heart of DMU, and we want to make sure that our values of
courage, compassion and support benefit our entire student community. There are a number
of services to help guide and support you during your time at DMU. Please take a look
at Student Gateway for more information on help including wellbeing, finance, careers and
student resources.