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School of Computer Science and Informatics

Programme LeaderEmail
G40055 Computing BSc (Hons)Sara  
G40060 Applied Computing BSc (Hons)Sara
G60041 Software Engineering BSc (Hons)Ali Jwaid level 4
Luke Attwood level 5 & 6  
I16061 Internet of Things BSc (Hons)Ali
F4G441 Digital Forensics BSc (Hons)Mehmet  
G40057 Cyber Security BSc (Hons)Mehmet
G40051 Computer Science BSc (Hons)Luke  
G10041 Mathematics BSc (Hons)Joanne  
G50043 Business Information Systems BSc (Hons)Sara  
G50048 ICT BSc (Hons)Sara  
G50050 Computing for Business BSc (Hons)Sara  
G50053 Business Data Analytics BSc (Hons)Sara  
G62041 Computer Games Programme BSc (Hons)Jethro
I62045 Games Production BSc (Hons)Salim  
G50052 Artificial Intelligence BSc (Hons)Arjab ‘Archie’  
G50077 MSc Business Intelligence Systems & Data MiningAnthony  
I20071 MSc Data AnalyticsAnthony  
G40073 MSc ComputingLaleh 
G50075 MSc Information Systems ManagementLaleh 
F4G475 MSc Professional Practice in Digital ForensicsSarmadullah  
G50076/G50078 MSc Intelligent SystemsAboozar  
G60071 Software EngineeringSarmadullah    
G70071 MSc Intelligent Systems and RoboticsAboozar  
I10078 MSc Cyber SecuritySarmadullah  
I10079 MSc Cyber TechnologySarmadullah  

School of Engineering and Sustainable Development

Programme LeaderEmail
H30043/44 Mechanical Engineering BEng & MEngReza
H73041/42 Mechatronics BEng & MEngSeng
H10011 Engineering Year ZeroAnna
H41041/42 Aeronautical Engineering BEng & MEngHobina
H61043/46 Electrical and Electronic Engineering BEng & MEngAmmar
H10051/52 Energy Engineering BEng & MEngMuyiwa
F85071 MSc Energy & Sustainable DevelopmentDr Mehdi
H1N171 MSc Engineering ManagementAndrew
H2K171 MSc Energy & Sustainable Building DesignDr Mehdi
H30071 MSc Mechanical EngineeringFarukh
H73031 MSc MechatronicsSerhan
H60071 MSc Electronic EngineeringShashi
H10072/73 MSc Energy EngineeringHindolo
H41071/72 MSc Aeronautical EngineeringDani  

Leicester Media School

Programme LeaderEmail
W21044 Graphic Design BA (Hons)Will
W1245 Graphic Design (Illustration) BA (Hons)Will
W22041 Concept and Comic Arts BA (Hons)Stas
W60042 Animation BA (Hons)Occulta
W60044 Game Art BA (Hons)Teodora
P31041 Media Production BA (Hons)Adam
J93044 Audio and Recording Technology BSc (Hons)Sven-Amin
J93045 Digital Music Technology BSc (Hons)Anna Xambo
W30043 Creative Music Technology BA (Hons)Peter
W31042 Music, Technology & Performance BA (Hons)James
W61441 Visual Effects (VFX) BSc (Hons)Dave Paget (interim)
J93046 Music Technology BASc (Hons)Sven-Amin
W37241 Music Technology BA (Hons)Peter
W37441 Music Production BSc (Hons)James
P30341 Film Studies BA (Hons)Laraine
P50042 Journalism BA (Hons)Brian
P30042 Media and Communication BA (Hons)Indrani
W8P531 Creative Writing and Journalism BA (Hons)Brian
P5Q331 English and Journalism BA (Hons)Brian
Q3P531 English Language and Journalism BA (Hons)Brian
P3P531 Film Studies and Journalism BA (Hons)Laraine Porter/ Brian
P3W632 Film Studies and Media BA (Hons)Laraine Porter/ Vicky /
P5V131 History and Journalism BA (Hons)Brian
L2P562 International Relations and Journalism BA (Hons)Brian
P3P532 Journalism and Media BA (Hons)Brian
L2P562 Journalism and Politics BA (Hons)Brian
P33R141 Media and Communication with French BA (Hons)Indrani
P3T146 Media and Communication with Mandarin BA (Hons)Indrani
J99071 MA/MSc Creative TechnologiesFabrizio  
P30078 MA International Film ProductionRachel Carter  
W30072 MA Music, Technology and InnovationJohn  
P50074 Investigative JournalismPervez